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Coming 2023

Enter the Bazaar

Start with nothing and fight your way to fortune in this genre-warping strategy game that goes beyond the cards. Build a new life in the fantastical world of the Bazaar. Make your home and grow your business in a sprawling city of magic and machines, friendly giants and ruthless pirates, an intergalactic marketplace where anything you imagine can be yours—if you know how to bargain for it.


Each unlockable hero has access to a unique set of equipment and powers: as you play more and more, you'll discover the endless combinations, strategies, and synergies at your disposal! But watch out: from bandits, to monsters, to other players, there's an equally endless number of foes vying for your power, prestige, and pockets.

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Tradeable Collectibles

Everyone starts their journey in The Bazaar with just the clothes on their back and pennies in their pocket . . . but your continued success will grant you customizable skins, toys, and even whole game boards to show off your progress. It's hard work out there; why not freshen things up a bit?


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