Design update: February 2019

Here's the second update video of the month for the Bazaar – check it out to learn about our progress on high-level game design, review card game mechanics, and hear about big changes coming to how the Bazaar will work.

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  • Jon Redfield

    Hey, finally watched your February Design update video discussion refreshing the stores. I am sure you have your own solution by now, but in case you’re not happy w/ it my suggestion would be a that all cards “move right” after your purchase a card. So if you buy the right most card, then the 2 remaining cards move right, and the new card goes into the far left slot. However, if you buy one of the other two cards, the far right card “moves right” and is discarded. This would solve the “stale shop” problem in an easy “noob friendly” way. You have a couple options on how you handle buying the middle card, but since I doubt anyone will read this, I won’t get into the pros/cons of each here. If you want to discuss it, email me.

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