Development update: March 2020

In this March update on The Bazaar, reynad covers several changes the team has made since the previous development update, including the logo, art direction, game design, and more!

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  • Big boy

    reynad is the dankest in the world & this game is going to be dank

  • KatieGrayx3

    Just pre-ordered, I know it’ll be a while still, but I can’t wait for this game to release, definitely going to be streaming it to all 5 of my viewers -

    Vanessa definitely looks great! Love the character design she looks like a badass without being over the top about it. The type of girl who can get whatever needs to get done done, but still has a nice/sweet side most of the time.

    Love the icon & the full logos too, but the B looks slightly off, it’s kind of hard to tell that it’s a B on its own, but I also think that in the context of the other letters it’s easy to read the title still, just possibly more difficult for a non native speaker who might not know the word.

    Leaning heavily into the ‘toys’ definitely sounds amazing and is one of the features I’ve always enjoyed about Hearthstone, but never thought there was enough of.


    Will there be anything other than twitch itself to try and help out smaller streamers trying to grow with the game on release? For example like what Path of Exile has on the home page, an active streamers section.

    Will there be any openly lgbt+ characters in the game? Not with that as their defining character trait, but present to some extent within the lore/voice lines?

    Will there be any sci-fi type characters with excessive technology, or will any existing technology in game be closer to steampunk/gears/etc?

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