Development update: November 2019

Here is the November update for The Bazaar, outlining where we are with development. From our hiring process to the complexity of the game, this is the latest news we have available. Like always, feedback and questions are welcome in the YouTube comments!

Please provide suggestions for "dreams" in card games you would like to see in The Bazaar (e.g., ramping up to play large creatures, drawing 20 cards, having perfect control of the game, etc.) in the YouTube comments!


  • Davis

    also, just an add on to my last comment, if this game blows up and is super successful will it stay digital or will there be like physical versions sort of like a Magic: the gathering idea? keep up the great work Reynad and Team

  • Davis

    I love this game idea! I am pre-ordering and can’t wait for it to come out!!! Although when will it come out?

  • Marcos

    Yo make a mill deck in this game that would be a great idea maybe :) good luck on the game Reynad!

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