Frequently asked questions about the pre-order relaunch

Last week, we announced the relaunch of The Bazaar pre-orders, and the response was incredible! We want to thank everyone for your support – it's heartwarming to see The Bazaar Discord community growing so quickly, with all the members getting along so well.

As you might have expected, we received a lot of inquiries about the pre-orders, so we compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and are going to answer them today:

  1. If I already backed the Indiegogo campaign, can I still pre-order through

    Yes! By pre-ordering on, you will receive more in-game currency, the official The Bazaar t-shirt, and early access to The Bazaar, all on top of everything you already received from your Indiegogo pledge.

  2. Which Indiegogo pledges included early access?

    All pledges of $25 and up during the Indiegogo campaign included early access to The Bazaar (the $5 pledge did not include early access to the game). By pre-ordering with $20 or more on, you will guarantee early access to The Bazaar, even if you did not pledge more than $25 on Indiegogo.

  3. What is the difference in benefits among the $20, $50, $75, $100, and $250 pre-order options?

    The key difference between the tiers is the amount of in-game currency you will receive. During our special "double your money" offer, contributing those amounts will earn you $40, $100, $150, $200, and $500 of in-game currency, respectively.

    Beyond that, all five tiers come with early access to The Bazaar. The $100 and $250 tiers also come with a physical reward – we will ship an exclusive The Bazaar t-shirt straight to your door!

  4. For how long will the pre-order be available?

    The ability to pre-order The Bazaar will be available until the game's beta version is released. However, the special offer for doubling your in-game currency will likely end before then.

  5. When does early access begin?

    There is no set date yet for The Bazaar early access. The best estimate we have is approximately one year from now, but it could end up being sooner or later. Be sure to stay tuned to our development updates for the latest news on early access!

  6. Is the t-shirt you get with the $100+ pre-order on the same t-shirt as the one offered during the Indiegogo campaign?


  7. Is the game going to be free-to-play (F2P)?

    Yes! Every player will start the game with a few classes unlocked – this means they will have access to all the cards available to those classes.

    You might then be asking, where does the pre-order and in-game currency come in? As more classes get introduced to the game, you will have the option of unlocking them with in-game currency or real-world money.

    In addition, the game board itself will also be customizable with themes and contraptions, and all cards will have golden or alternate art versions. Most of the game's revenue will come from cosmetic effects that do not affect actual gameplay success.

  8. Will the game be available on PC, Mac, mobile, Steam, etc.?

    Cross-platform compatibility is a priority and should be expected for The Bazaar. We will have more specific details available in future development updates!

Do you have any other questions not answered in this FAQ? Join our Discord community and ask, or leave your question in the comments of this blog post, and we'll round them up for another Q&A session soon!