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Welcome to The Bazaar, a digital deckbuilding game set in an intergalactic marketplace where players go head-to-head in a strategic battle to take down their opponent.

I’m reynad. You might know me as a professional card player, streamer extraordinaire, or as the founder of the esports franchise Tempo Storm.

Fundamentally, I am a lifelong gamer, but what people might not know is that I am a lifelong game designer. I grew up playing card games, and even as a kid, I designed my own games at home using simple programming languages. As I found broader success in the past years in esports, I’ve never lost the desire to create a new game—to put my ideas on paper and bring something new to this industry that I love.

So about a year ago, I realized, why don’t we make our own card game? With my passion for card games and deckbuilding, plus our amazing staff and network in the industry, we’re in an incredible position to design a card game with a deckbuilding focus that plays and feels totally different from what people have been able to get their hands on.

So I’ve actually been designing a PC and mobile card game behind the scenes.