Networking demo, game 2

We finally have a demo to show you! This is the second game from the networking build, which shows more of the game's mechanics and cards.

Remember, this is not actual gameplay and only shows the process of early testing.


  • Jonatan Cerwall

    Be a bro and hire my man vlad

  • Vladimir

    Hi! Just discovered Bazaar on Indiegogo. Interesting concept and definitely a game that I would play. I was wondering if you are looking for development help. My background 5 years of Unity/C# development. In 2017-2018 I was a part of the team that developed Star Trek Adversaries, the trading card game. Links:
    I have handled a wide variety of tasks on that project:
    - Created several early prototypes of the application (single player versus AI, multiplayer via UNet)
    - Wrote the code to handle all the main trading card game components (browsing the card collection and building decks, card packs purchasing and opening packs to get new cards, all the battle mechanics)
    - Created and fine-tuned the touch controls for mobile
    - Adjusted the architecture of the project to interact with an authoritative server (Gamesparks)

    If you are looking for development help, please consider my candidacy. I would love to provide a copy of my CV and discuss this further if you are interested.

    Best regards,

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