Pre-orders are back!

Our Indiegogo campaign was a limited-time offer to show your interest in The Bazaar, pre-order some in-game currency, redeem some physical perks, and help fund the development of the game. Ever since the conclusion of the campaign, we've been getting endless messages asking us to bring back pre-orders.

Today, we're excited to announce the relaunch of The Bazaar pre-orders!

Now is your second (and possibly final) chance to be an original part of The Bazaar's development process and help turn the game into reality. We have pre-order tiers ranging from $20 to $250, with all orders over $100 receiving an exclusive The Bazaar t-shirt.

All pre-order money will go straight into funding the game's development, letting us pay our software engineering bills faster and expediting the launch of the game. On top of that, you'll be able to cash out after the release of The Bazaar by getting double your contributions back in in-game currency!

Along with the relaunch of pre-orders, we set up an official The Bazaar Discord server in case you have any questions or feedback, or simply just want to share the hype with other fans. Join the community and let us know what you think!