Win a card design session with reynad!

One piece of feedback we've gotten since the relaunch of The Bazaar pre-orders is that you guys wanted to see the return of some of the higher-end perks from the Indiegogo campaign. During original crowdfunding, those who contributed at the $1,000 tier earned a card design session with reynad, being able to cement their idea into The Bazaar and ensure their card would make it into the final version of the game.

One thing we had to consider is that we did not want to devalue the personalized, unique experience that prior card design session redeemers received; as a result, we decided not to make that a freely purchasable option – at least for now.

However, reynad was willing to do one more card design session that would be randomly raffled away to a supporter of The Bazaar!

Check out the embedded giveaway below to find out how you can get a shot at adding your dream card to The Bazaar! Embed not working? Try clicking here instead.